Current Sermon Series

Join us in February for the sermon series - "Who Are You Sharing This With?"

This series will guide us through the story of Jonah and his battle with selfishness.  It will remind us of the importance of sharing all that God has given us.  That sharing includes:  The Good News of Jesus Christ, the resources we have, the opportunities of our church, and the very activities and acts of services we participate in each week!  

Through this series, we will see just how much God loves every person and how highly He values each of us.  We will be reminded to value people, relationships, and encouragement over the buildings, stuff, opportunities, actions, and ministries we have and participate in.  

Join us in this series - February 10th, 17th, and 24th!  And check out a Sunday school class or small group.  These connection opportunities will be complimenting this series!