Current Sermon Series

Join us in March and April as we prepare for the Easter season with the sermon series - "Knowing HIM".

In this series, we will be studying powerful moments with Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John.  It is our goal to be reminded of many of the key truths of who Jesus is and how He lived.    In our world, we recognize the issues and situations facing us can be hard to manage and understand how to respond to.  As we grow to know Jesus and to be more like Him, may we each be given clarity for the moments ahead.  

As we study the life and actions of Jesus Christ, remember that He loves us all!  Remember that He has brought hope, truth, and justice for all of our world.  Be uplifted by His Love and by the value that following Him can add to your life.  No matter what you face - God has provided a way through!   

Join us in this series - March 3rd to April 7th!  And remember to further invest in your knowledge of Jesus Christ and your relationship with Him!   We offer classes and service opportunities for all ages to do this, check one out!