Power Up Kids Events (P.U.K.E. for short) is a ministry for all children ages 4 to 5th grade. 

This ministry meets on every Wednesday Night during the school year, from 6:00PM to 7:30PM.

Each week children will learn a valuable Bible lesson, sing vibrant songs, watch funny videos, play games, create amazing crafts, enjoy delicious snacks, and so much more!  

PUKE is a TON of fun and has been an incredible hit with our community!  

Don't allow your kids, your grandkids, your neighbor's kids to miss out on this wonderfully free opportunity.  Also - look for special events throughout the year! 

Power Up Kids is currently on BREAK FOR THE SUMMER.

It will be back in the FALL!  Hope you can join us then! 

Really P.u.k.e.?

YES PUKE!  In all truth this ministry was first named Power-Up Kids with no realization that it was so close to an amazing acronym.  But once it was mentioned that it could be called 'PUKE', the kids of our church and community wouldn't call it anything else.  Hey, why not embrace such a fun accident!