Church/Covid updates

Dear North Collins Wesleyan Community,

It is our desire to respond wisely to the coronavirus (Covid-19) and minimize its spread.  Out of love and concern for everyone who attends, worships, and participates with us, particularly whose who may be most vulnerable to the virus, we will be implementing some safety measures.  Please check out this page to discover the current steps being taken and the status on services, events, and gatherings.  

October 30 Update

WOW!!  We felt this needed to be shared!  31 ping pong balls were added to the lantern from this past weekend's giving! PRAISE GOD!! We thank you for your continual support, we blew right past a Family Life Center giving total of $80,000!!!

A few details for this weekend:

*This weekend, we join with Pastor Justin in a new message series - "Why is GRACE so AMAZING?" Grace is a word we throw around a lot as Christians. What does it mean and why is it so valuable to us? We could spend a year discussing this, but we're going to seek to find meaning to these questions over the next few weeks. Through this first message, we will discuss Prevenient Grace. May scripture guide us in this endeavor. We will look at a few passage of scripture, but lean heavily upon Romans 5:6-8. Let's open our hearts to what God has for us!  Don't miss it!!

*This weekend is Daylight Savings Time!!  WE FALL BACK!  Don't let this mess up your schedule. If you're worried about Sunday morning, remember you can join us on Saturday at 5PM!

Sunday's Services are at 9AM & 11AM.  We will be on Facebook LIVE at 9AM!  And the message will be uploaded here on the website and on YouTube/Facebook.  We hope there is a meaningful way you can connect this weekend!!

October 10 Update

Here are a few updates on this very Fall weekend! We hope this post finds you well - know that you are loved!!

*Last weekend, we crossed the $75,000 mark in funds raised for the Family Life Center Building Campaign!! WOW - PRAISE GOD!! We are in the second of our 6 months/$60,000 Goal. We just completed month 1 of 6 and have raised 1/4 of our goal! Thank you for your blessings and support!!

*Around the church, you'll find new touch-less soap dispensers in the bathrooms and touch-less hand sanitizer dispensers at three key places. Pump-action hand sanitizers will still be around the church, but we are always looking to proactively create a safe and welcoming environment!

*We would be blessed if you chose to worship with us this weekend! Join us in person Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 9am or 11am, or on FB Live Saturday at 9am. You can also look for our message on our YouTube channel or here on our WEBSITE.  The sermon is already uploaded!!  Please know that you are loved and always welcome here!

*This weekend, we will continue the message series on DANIEL with a look at Daniel 4. Compared to The Fiery Furnace and The Lion's Den, we find a less recognized moment in Biblical history. Still, this is a very compelling moment!  Did you know about this?!!  In this moment, King Nebuchadnezzar learns a very important lesson.  May we be granted knowledge and wisdom from this moment as well!

Through small groups and other ministries, there are many ways that you can connect with others. We do remind you, if you have questions or are looking for direction - connect with the church office and Pastor Justin. We are here to support your walk with God!  We hope you have a wonderful weekend and that we get to connect with you soon!!

September 30 Update

October means the launch of our Fall Small Groups!!

Two groups actually start TOMORROW (10/1)!

*Small Group Bible Study on Acts at The Mason's home (6-7:30PM)!! All welcome - please sign-up using the link provided below.

*Family Rec. Night at the NC Marion-Fricano Town Park at 6PM! All are invited to come walk, run, and play at the town park. Pastor Justin and his family will be there helping to organize an activity or two!

Next week these groups begin:

*Sunday between services (around 10:15AM) - Dave Gabel's Adult SS Class and our Spiritual Formation Class. Both great opportunities! Dave Gabel's class will be held in the sanctuary; Spiritual Formation in the Fellowship Hall.

*Women's Group, meeting on Monday, Oct. 5th at 6:30PM at the church. This is a time to reconnect and make plans for future meetings.

*Couple's Study! Wednesday evenings at The Brown's House. Starting Oct. 7 at 7PM. This group will feature a video and discussion called "The Crazy Cycle".

*MORE - Monthy Men's Growth Group led by Pastor Justin, every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7PM (starting Oct. 27th). Guys - RSVP and join us for dinner at 6PM.

Call/message/email the church for more details.

And please sign-up for more information HERE!

September 23 Update

We are pleased to share with you that we had a meaningful weekend of growth and connection!  We thank God for His continual work in our lives and community!  May His Will be done!!

This weekend, 164 people joined us for in-person worship between our three services.  Many more connected online through the opportunities provided.  Each service has offered the opportunity to social distance and has space. S aturday at 5pm has had the lightest crowd.

Small group sign-ups are happening NOW!  It is exciting to have leaders active and interested in making these groups happen!  We will have future posts about these groups (they start in October).  If you want to sign-up your interest, you can do so here on our website Connection Form.

On Sunday evening, we held our Annual Local Church Conference and Celebration.  If you want details on elections, please contact the church.  The church budget was passed unanimously.  Packets are available for pickup at the church office.

September 16 Update

Hey NC Wesleyan Family! Happy Wednesday - here are a few updates on things taking place this week:

*We had a wonderful weekend of services! It is fantastic to see new faces at church and many faces we haven't seen since before Covid. We had over 150 people worship with us in-person (that numbers seems to grow each week) and so many more join us online! Before Covid we were averaging around 250 in worship attendance. It is a blessing to worship with so many of you - in-person or online! We are able to social distance in all our services, but if you are looking for the lightest crowd, check out Saturday at 5PM. 

*Attached you'll find a video shared during the Annoucements time in the services this past weekend. Here Ed shares with us a good bit about our Fall Small Groups - check it out! If you have questions, please connect with the church. Sign-ups for small groups begin this weekend!

*This Sunday Night at 5PM is our church's Annual Conference & Celebration. This is usually held in May... but Covid happened. Everyone is welcome to attend but members are encouraged to attend. For members who can't make it Sunday Night, voting ballots are avaliable in the church office starting TODAY during office hours, or before/after services on Saturday and Sunday. This voting is for local church service positions (board members, trustees, etc.). 

We thank you for your love, care, and commitment! This past weekend, we added 14 ping pong balls to the Family Life Center Building Fund Lantern! Praise GOD! We are so thankful for GOD's blessings!!


September 12 Update

We are excited for worship this weekend! The weekend begins tonight at 5PM!! Or, tomorrow is looking rainy, maybe you want to join us then! Sunday Services are at 9AM & 11AM!!

All are welcome! Please wear a mask until seated and social distance. If you're feeling under-the-weather, please stay home and join us online.

Online options are starting... now! The message is going to YouTube and the Website. It will be here on Facebook later today!! Want to experience the whole service? Join us here on Facebook LIVE, Sunday morning at 9AM!

This weekend, we conclude the message series "FAMILY STRONG". Pastor Justin will guide us in a look at Mathew 5:21-26 and a deeper understanding of anger and forgiveness. As we hear the words of Jesus, open your heart to what God is teaching us about our anger. Do you find yourself angry? Has your anger come between you and those that you love? Is anger impacting your family, your friendships, your church? Choose forgiveness!

September 6 Update - Building Fund

These are exciting times at North Collins Wesleyan!! Check out this video for an update on the Family Life Center Building Campaign! GOD has wonderfully blessed us through this season! We thank you for your support and your continual prayers!


September 3 Update

We are so excited to have another incredible individual interning with us through the fall! We are excited to see God's Call on Ed Brown's life. It is clear that God has blessed Ed with wonderful gifts for ministry. Ed is a member here at North Collins Wesleyan and has served in many areas of ministry already. You'll see him serve in small groups, worship services, family ministries, as well as other areas! Join us in welcoming Ed to this position!

We asked Ed to give us a small introduction. Here it is:

Hey friends, Tricia and I have been married for 15 years and saved by the grace of God for about 13 years. My wife manages our home and schooling of our three children Sam(14), Lindy(9), and Georgia(8). We have two older sons Andrew(20) and Jack(18). I am currently working for a large IT firm supporting the Human Resources IT team as a Payroll Systems leader.

I am nearly finished with a Masters Degree in Divinity from Liberty University with a concentration in Christian Leadership. I feel excited and blessed to take the final steps towards completing my degree through my internship at North Collins Wesleyan Church under Pastor Justin. I am not sure where God will call us to serve next, but our family is firmly committed to following Jesus as our Lord, working hard, living a life based on integrity, compassionately offering grace, and serving others as needed.

I have previously served at the First Baptist Church of West Danby as Awana Leader/Commander, Trustee, Sunday School Teacher, and VBS Leader. I served three wonderful years as the Head of School at North Spencer Christian Academy(NSCA). I also served several years on the NSCA Board of Education and volunteered as the school's IT Manager. I spent 15 years as a volunteer fireman in the Spencer Fire Company in Spencer, NY. My wife and I have lead several small groups for our church. My wife Tricia helps to edit the Homeschool NY quarterly magazine and has a Master's Degree in Special Education. I currently enjoy being a part of the North Collins Wesleyan ministry team through discipleship programs, youth and teen ministry, and worship team.

September 2 UPDATE

WOW!! We want to celebrate another wonderful weekend of worship, connection, and love!  Thanks to all those who participated this weekend - either online or in person! If you have a need, please reach out to the church!!

Here are some highlights for you:

*We have reached our goal of collecting 200 cloth masks for the NC Elementary School.  Thank you for caring for the community in this way!  The school asked us for 100, but we wanted to give a bigger blessing.  We also blessed another family organization with 30 masks!

*This weekend, 20 ping pong balls were added to our building campaign fundraising goal!  Praise God!  Expect a video this week (online, on Facebook, and in service) giving details about these goals and where we're at!

*As we can't offer our community much in the way of event outreach, we are looking to offer other blessings as many return to school.  THIS IS A WAY YOU CAN SERVE!  Megan Cook has led putting together back to school gifts for our children and gifts for the teachers of NC Elementary.  Want to be involved?  We need volunteers to fill out cards and to help with deliveries.  Please reach out to us (here on Facebook, at, 716.337.3219) if you can be involved!!

*Communion will be served in all services this weekend.  If you are joining us on Facebook LIVE, please prepare your own elements or stop in the church and pick up some prepackaged cups.  

Thank you everyone!  May we continue to give God the glory for the great work He is doing here in North Collins and this surrounding community!!

August 28 Update

Join us this weekend for worship! In-person services are Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM!! We remind you to please wear face masks until seated and to social distance. You will also be able to find the message online or join us LIVE here on Facebook at 9AM for the entire service!

This weekend is our last weekend of collecting face masks for the North Collins Elementary School. We have collected what they have asked for, but are seeking to be a further blessing by giving them even more! This week, we were even able to provide another local family organization with 30 masks! Thank you for being a part of this blessing!!

In the message, we will be continuing the series FAMILY STRONG. May we all be blessed by this opportunity to strengthen our relationships - most importantly with God! We hope to connect with you this weekend! Be a blessing!!

August 21 Update

We are excited for another weekend of worship!  Pastor Justin will be delivering the message - we will begin a new series, "FAMILY STRONG"!!  This series will focus on keys to strengthening our families!  We believe in strong families, we believe strong families are important, but we believe that strong families don't just happen.  They take effort!  May we make that effort and may GOD Bless our families!!  

Join us this weekend, we will be looking at James 1:19-27.  The message can be found in person at North Collins Wesleyan Church - Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM.  The message will be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, and our Website.  Further, you can join us for the entire service on Facebook LIVE at 9AM!  

We do want to celebrate one BIG thing!  This weekend we added 68 ping pong balls to our Family Life Center Campaign!  WOW - PRAISE GOD!!  

AUGUST 11 Update

We had a wonderful weekend of worship!

We thank everyone who participated!

Here are some details about this week:
  • Bible Study will be held on Facebook LIVE, Wednesday at 7PM. This week, Ed and Adam will be leading it! Join them for this time of scripture and growth!
  • We passed our 6 month goal to raise $60,000 for the building fund!! In fact, we are already working towards the next 6 month goal (that will start in September)!! WOW PRAISE GOD!!! Thanks to all who continue to support this wonderful step of growth!
  • This weekend, Jacob Moore will be back visiting and delivering the message in all services. Come and say "Hi" to Jacob and hear what God has prepared in his heart!
  • Because of this, the message will not be recorded separately this weekend. So it won't be posted to our Website, YouTube Page, or as a stand alone video on Facebook. You can still catch the entire service and the message online here on Facebook LIVE. Sunday at 9AM or anytime after.  Remember, you don't need a Facebook Account to view these videos.  Find the North Collins Wesleyan Facebook Page HERE.
We hope you have a wonderful week!

August 7 Update

We are excited to offer another weekend of meaningful ways to worship!

This weekend's message is already loaded to YouTube and our Website (just click on the Sermons/Media Tab).  You can also join us Sunday morning at 9AM for a LIVE Broadcast of the entire service on Facebook.  We remind you that through all venues we will be participating in Communion.  If you would like to join, simply find your own communion elements.  

This weekend, we will also be recognizing our high school and college graduates!  Congrats to our awesome grads!!  We are so proud of you!  That will happen in all services this weekend.  Join us in person, Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM!

In the message, Pastor Justin will be speaking from Matthew 9 and reminding us all of the value of hope.  We pray the message will be both challenging and encouraging!  

We remind you, all are welcome!  There is no cost or dress code, but please remember to wear a mask and follow all social distancing guidelines!

We love you and hope to connect soon!!

August 5 Update

A few highlights from this week... 

*The services this weekend were a blessing! Thanks to those who continue to connect and serve through the many avenues offered! You are loved!

*We are adding 12 ping pong balls to the building fund campaign lantern this week! We are at an incredible $59,567 raised of the $60,000 over 6 month goal (with one month left)! WOW! PRAISE GOD!!

*Join us tonight for Bible Study here on Facebook LIVE! Justin and Joe will be sharing during this time. We will be looking at 2 Peter 2.

*This weekend, we will be serving communion in all venues: in-person and online (LIVE and RECORDED). You are never pressured to participate, but if Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, you are very welcome to! If you are joining us online, please prepare your own communion elements or stop at the church and pick up one of the prepackaged options we will be using in the services.


August 1 Update

We are excited for the opportunity to worship together this weekend (Saturday at 5PM/Sunday at 9AM & 11AM)!  Here are a few reminders and safety updates:

  • On Thursday afternoon, the church was cleaned with an Electro Germ Spray.  This spray not only sanitizes initially, but continues to do so for days following the treatment.  This is on top of our regular weekly cleaning and sanitizing. 
  • Pastor Justin & Pastor Hallie were both tested this week for the virus as a safety measure for an abundance of caution.  Both tested negative (no virus detected).  
  • We will continue our standards of safety steps, and ask that you join us in upholding them.  Please wear a mask, social distance, and avoid physical contact.  If you feel an unease about attending services, please join us in one of the many opportunities online!  

Our weekend message is already uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, and here on our Website.  You can also join us for the entire worship service, Sunday at 9AM on Facebook LIVE!  

Have a wonderful weekend!!

July 24 Update

We are excited to offer many opportunities to worship this weekend!! 

We are again offering worship services indoors - Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM. All are welcome! Please wear a face mask. For our other guidelines and safety steps, please see our previous posts. 

We are also offering a few online opportunities for worship and connect.  The message will be posted this afternoon (on Facebook, YouTube, and our Website).  You can also join us tomorrow morning at 9AM here on Facebook LIVE!! If you join us this way, look forward to connecting with some of our hosts, Joe Cook and Julie Leininger will both be present. 

As always - use wisdom in attending. Know your risk level and make safe decisions. 

Pastor Justin will deliver the message this weekend. It will continue our sermon series "New Normal" with a reminder to LOVE KINDNESS. 

May this message and many avenues of connection be a blessing to each of us!

JULY 10 Update - Indoor Worship

THIS WEEKEND, we return to indoor worship! As we do so, we want to make sure to create a space that is safe and welcoming to everyone looking to attend.


We thank you for your understanding through this time!!  May we create an atmosphere for love and care for one another which is a staple of the North Collins Wesleyan Church! Remember - being inconvenienced for the sake of others and their connection with Jesus Christ is a part of WHO WE ARE!! 

So here are some things we encourage you to read and assist us by following through on:

FIRST - For the safety and comfort of all involved…..

  • If you are showing symptoms at all, please do not attend and enjoy services online.
  • If you have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or more, stay home and attend once your fever is down.
  • Follow the healthy practices of washing your hands regularly, sneezing and coughing into your elbow or a tissue, and avoid handshakes, hugs and kisses for now. (Except with your own family)
  • Have a cooperative spirit as we do life together.

UPON ARRIVAL, please follow these policies for weekly worship during this season:

  • The church will open only 15 minutes before service times. Unless you are serving in some capacity, please don't arrive before then (Saturday at 4:45PM, Sunday at 8:45AM/10:45AM.)
  • Face masks are to be worn upon entering the building and anytime moving around the building and not participating in the service. This is also required of all those in service and hospitality positions.  
  • Upon seating, we ask that you social distance when possible, leaving 3-4 seats and 1 row between your party and others.  
  • Note that our coffee bar, nursery, and children's ministry will be suspended until further notice. 
  • Greeting moments will be suspended in service. We will remind the congregation to say “hi” with a wave.
  • Finally, upon dismissal, we ask everyone to depart the church from the back and not linger in the church building. 

FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY and comfort, we will be taking the following safety steps to prepare our facilities:

  • Removal of pew chair Bibles, pens, and envelops. 
  • Weekly cleaning of building by cleaning company.
  • Upon building entry, free face masks and gloves provided.  
  • Each restroom is stocked with hand soap, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are posted around the facility.
  • Pre and post cleaning for every worship service.
  • Signs posted around the church offering reminders of social distancing, 6’ guidelines, and the necessity to wear face masks.

We are excited to gather together and to begin a new message series "New Normal", which will remind us all of some of the essential ingredients to a life following Jesus Christ! 

If you can't join us in person, the message will be uploaded by Saturday and can be found on our website, Facebook, and YouTube.  The entire service will also be LIVE on Facebook at 9:00AM on Sunday. This service will stay on Facebook for later viewing.

All are welcome! There is no cost or dress code!
Know that you are loved!!

Village clean-up UPdate

Due to the HEAT ADVISORY issued for today, we are postponing the Village Clean-Up that was schedule for tonight.  

The new date for the clean-up will be THURSDAY, JULY 23rd at 6PM!


July 3 Update

THIS WEEKEND! Join us for Outdoor Worship!!  
Sunday, July 5th at 10:00AM!!

We are excited to host this wonderful opportunity to recognize our freedom and worship our God!! There will be no services on Saturday, July 4th and just this one service on Sunday, July 5th. Again, at 10:00AM.  

The service will be held on the church lawn under tents. Chairs are provided, but you can feel free to bring your own seating or blankets. Please remember to social distance and when moving around, wear masks! Seating will be spaced around the church lawn (there is plenty of space)! For those wishing to stay in your cars - that is an option! The service will be broadcast through our FM Transmitter.  

Can't make the service this weekend?  You can still catch the message!!  It will be uploaded here on our website, on Facebook, and on YouTube!!  We hope it is a blessing!!

June 26 Update

We hope that you'll join us this weekend for what may be our last Drive-In Worship Services (at least for this season).  You can join us Saturday at 5PM or Sunday at 9AM or 11AM.  These services have been an incredible blessing!  It is wonderful to be together, to worship and sing praise, to hear scripture and word, and most wonderfully to be challenged to live lives of worship for our God!  

We will still be offering online videos of worship and connection.  Those will arrive online tonight and tomorrow morning.  You can again expect videos for all ages.  This weekend, Ed Brown will be speaking in all our venues!  You'll find him speaking at the Drive-In Services and in our online videos!  We are excited for what God has prepared through Ed!

And don't forget!  Next weekend, we will be coming together for our annual Outdoor Worship Service held July 4th weekend.  So, next weekend, there will be no Saturday Service on July 4th, but we will be holding one service on Sunday (July 5th) at 10AM!  This service will feature a message with three speakers: Pastors Hallie, Joe, and Justin!!  They will each be sharing for 5-8 minutes.  We will also be celebrating baptisms!!

JUNE 20 Update

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

To the special men in our lives - we celebrate you and are thankful for you!!

We have a team delivering Father's Day gifts this weekend!  If you'd like to receive one, or would like someone to receive one, please connect with the church office and give us your address (  We will also be handing these out (to the fathers who didn't get a delivery) at the weekend Drive-In Services.  We know some of our congregation is away this weekend - for you, we are holding your delivery!  

We are excited to again offer Drive-In Worship Services this weekend!  They will be held on Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM!  Worship videos are again being posted online.  Please look for them here on our website and on YouTube.  

We are also excited to offer a Community Prayer Walk on Tuesday, June 23rd.  Reach out to the church if you have any questions.  Here are some details:

Our 4th Annual Prayer Walk around the village of North Collins will take place on Tuesday, June 23rd!  We encourage anyone who would like to join us to meet at the church at 7pm.

All are welcome to attend, including families as a whole!  We will be meeting at the Wesleyan Church (by the Elementary School) and walking around the village from there. Waters will be provided!  We will be praying for our community, leadership, organizations, schools, businesses, families, and individuals. 


We have had an awesome few weeks of DRIVE-IN Services!  With our crowd continuing to grow!  We thank God for setting the atmosphere with beautiful weather, uplifting smiles, and a strong feeling of connection and care!  What a blessing these services are!

This week, we are working on some new opportunities to connect, serve, and bless (as things begin to open up)! Look forward to more details soon about things like a community prayer walk, drive-in movie, town clean-up, and smaller group connections! 

We will be back this weekend with our Drive-In Services - Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM!  The weather looks to be PERFECT for these opportunities to connect and worship!  You can also find our weekend worship videos here on our Website or on YouTube!  BE BLESSED!!

As always - if you have a need, please reach out to the church!  We love you!!

June 6 Update

Happy Saturday Afternoon!   What a beautiful day that God has blessed us with!  We hope that you are able to enjoy it.  May the day and the weather and more be a blessing to your life!!

If you are looking to connect in worship, prayer, scripture, and growth, check out here on our webpage or on our YouTube page. All our weekend videos are ready to be connected with!  As per usual, there are videos for all ages: kids, youth, message, and worship!! 

Drive-In Services are scheduled for this weekend! 

Check one out - they are a wonderful blessing! Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM!  

Here are some details to remember upon attending:

*Drive-In Services will be held in the parking lot behind the church. Blue X's have been painted on the lot, we invite you to pull up to a Blue X to park. Attendants will welcome you and guide you in this. Doing so will keep us all safely distanced.  

*Our goal is for services to last around 40-45 minutes.  (This week may be a little longer with communion being served.)  Audio will be played over outdoor speakers and through an FM Transmitter that you can connect to with your car radio.   Tune to 91.3FM!!

*Restrooms will be available for emergencies. If you exit your vehicle, please wear a face mask and practice all social distancing measures.

*And please sure wisdom in attending! We expect these events to be safe and we know Governor Cuomo has stated his support, but if you are in the high risk area for the virus, we encourage you to use caution in attending.  

REMINDER: This weekend we are serving communion in all our services. This means online and at our drive-in services. If you connect with our online worship service, we encourage you to prepare your communion elements ahead of time!

May 30 Update

As we begin another weekend, here are a few wonderful updates to bring to your attention:

*For a few months this summer, we have the wonderful opportunity to host Pastoral Intern Hallie Harrington! She will be serving in a number of ways around the church and community!


We asked Hallie to give us a quick introduction, here it is:
"My name is Hallie Harrington, and I am from New Tripoli, Pennsylvania. I am the youngest of ten children, so there’s never a dull moment at home! I am currently a senior at Indiana Wesleyan University studying Youth and Pastoral Ministries. After graduation, I plan to receive my Master’s in Practical Theology, complete a residency, and get ordained in the Wesleyan Church.

I love making art, watching movies, and reading books. I have a passion for building relationships with teens and telling others about the good news of Christ! I believe the future of the Church lies in the hands of our students, and I love equipping them for Kingdom work. Thank you for inviting me into your church family and allowing me to experience life in North Collins. I am so excited to serve you all!"

When you get the chance, join us in welcoming Hallie!! 

We are thrilled for the summer!

*This weekend, we are again holding DRIVE-IN Worship Services. You can see previous posts for details. If you have questions, please reach out to the church. Services are Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM! 

*As with the last many weeks, our weekend worship and connection videos will be posted Friday Night and Saturday Afternoon! There are videos for all ages - we hope they are a blessing to you!!

MAY 23 Update - Drive In SErvices

This weekend, we are offering Drive-In Worship Services!  

As this is the first time we have held these services, we ask for your grace through this opportunity. We know it will just be wonderful to see each other! 

Here are some details about these services:
*We are holding three services at our regular worship times: Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM.

*Drive-In Services will be held in the parking lot behind the church. Blue X's have been painted on the lot, we invite you to pull up to a Blue X to park. Attendants will welcome you and guide you in this. Doing so will keep us all safely distanced.  

*Larger vehicles, like trucks, will be asked to initially park at the back and allow smaller vehicles to park up front. Once we get closer to service, if space allows, those vehicles can then pull forward.  

*We will do our best to allow everyone to attend, but we remind you, space isn't unlimited. Our 9AM service is usually the most attended. If you can attend a different service, we encourage you to!

*Our goal is for services to last around 40-45 minutes. Audio will be played over outdoor speakers and through an FM Transmitter that you can connect to with your car radio. 

*Restrooms will be available for emergencies. If you exit your vehicle, please wear a face mask and practice all social distancing measures.

*And please sure wisdom in attending! We expect this event to be safe and we know Governor Cuomo has stated his support, but if you are in the high risk area for the virus, we encourage you to use caution in attending

As always - know that you are loved and if you need anything, please reach out to us for support!!

May 21 Update

Thank you God for a week of beautiful weather!  It is our prayer that you have been able to appreciate it and that God is blessing you with hope and peace!

This week, our church board voted to offer DRIVE-IN Church Services starting this weekend!  This falls directly in line with NY Governor Cuomo's direction that Drive-In Services would now be appropriate.  We are excited to offer this opportunity for connection!  

Drive-In Services will be, weather permitting, on Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM & 11AM on church campus.  Our online worship and message videos will still be posted to YouTube, our Website, and Facebook.  Our Facebook LIVE connections will now be held weekly on Wednesdays at 7PM and Saturdays at 7PM.  Because of the nature of these Drive-In Services, expect a shortened time of worship - our expectation is around 40-45 minutes.  

Safety is of utmost importance.  Please following these guidelines in participating:

  • Upon entering the church parking lot, you will be directed towards the back parking lot.  Please drive carefully and look for parking directions.  We will be social distancing each car.  
  • The service will be played both through speakers and over FM Radio.  You will be given instructions on how to connect upon arrival.  
  • We encourage you to stay in your cars.  Restrooms will be available for emergency needs.  If you leave your car, please follow all social distancing standards and wear a face mask.  Our attendants will be wearing face masks and gloves, except when leading the service.  
  • At this time, we will not be handing out bulletins for these services.  For worship music, you will be directed to a page here on our church website.  

While we expect these Drive-In Services to be safe and we recognize the support offered by the Governor, we still express that anyone falling in the high-risk area with the virus should use extreme caution in deciding to attend.  Remember - services are still online and will be for the foreseeable future!  

May 15 Update

This weekend, we will be offering our normal lineup of connection videos for all ages and moments on Facebook LIVE.  We will be offering an extra opportunity - Drive Thru Prayer & Communion.

This will be held on Saturday from 5-6PM and Sunday from 9:30-11:30AM.  Cars may pull up to the front of the church and connect with Pastor Justin or one of our ministerial students.  Please stay in your car.  All these hosts will be social distancing, as well as wearing gloves and face masks.  If you wish to partake in communion, the elements come prepackaged.  In the cup is grape juice, the bread is not gluten free. 

Those leading communion will guide you through scripture and a time of prayer.  As a Wesleyan Church, we practice Open Communion.  This means you do not need to be a member or regular attender to partake with us. We ask that you confess your faith in Jesus Christ. 

As always - if you have a need, please reach out to us!  
Know that you are loved!


Happy Mother's Day Weekend!!  

All weekend worship/connection/lesson videos are here on our website.  You can also find them on YouTube and on Facebook.  We hope they are a blessing to your life!  Joe Cook is delivering the message this weekend.

This weekend, we are also making Mother's Day Gift deliveries.   If you know a mother (or are a mother) that did not receive a gift, please reach out to the church.  We have done our best to make deliveries to everyone on our contact lists, but there are so many mothers in our church and community - we want to make sure they are all blessed!  THANK YOU!

April 29 Update

As we close the month of April and launch into May, here are a few updates:

  • Stay tuned to this page and to our Facebook page for updates in May.  If things in our social distancing status begin to change, we will offer opportunities to connect.  These will all be in response to current safety standards.  
  • Two things we are planning:  1 - A gift to recognize our mothers on Mother's Day!  We will be asking for addresses of all our Mother's (if we don't already have them) and volunteers from men in the church (to make deliveries).  2 - Drive-thru prayer & communion.  
  • This month, our church board voted to postpone our Annual Local Church Conference.  They are asking all individuals serving in voted-upon church positions to continue to serve into the next church year until we have a time to elect officials for that 2020/21 Church Year.  When this event can happen, it may look more like an all church celebration with voting taking place in more of a polling style.  
  • We are incredibly grateful for the continual support of the church and community!  We know that this time of social distancing hasn't been easy, but your graciousness is a blessing and a testament of God's Peace in your lives!  THANK YOU!


Greetings North Collins Wesleyan Community!  

All our weekend videos are Uploaded and ready for view for this weekend!  We will, again, come to you LIVE on Facebook on Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM!   Please join us, those videos stay on our page and can be viewed at any time.  (Remember you don't need a Facebook Membership to watch them.)

On our heart is the needs of this community.  For many of us, that is simply in the area of connection and encouragement.  If you need either of those, reach out to us!  We are seeking to be creative in our care and would love to be a blessing in your life!  

May you enjoy this beautiful day!  Take every safe and social distancing opportunity to be a blessing!!  


Happy Beautifully Sunny Saturday!   We hope this update finds you well!

For worship this weekend, all videos have been uploaded to YouTube and are ready to connect with.  They can be found on our Website, YouTube, or on Facebook.  We will be again coming LIVE this weekend on Facebook - Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM.  

Most importantly, know that we love you and are praying for you!  If you have a need, please reach out to us.  Individuals in our congregation are donating funds to help others, going shopping for those who'd prefer to stay at home, and connecting through online videos, phone calls, and cards.  If you'd like to help in any of these ways or if you'd like a connection, just reach out to us!  

APRIL 10 Update - Easter Service DEtails


Yesterday afternoon, Mike Polencarz, Erie County Executive, has specifically recommended that Religious Leaders do not conduct "Drive In" style Church Services. We at the North Collins Weslyan Church feel that your safety and the safety of the church officials is paramount. With this request from the County Executive we will not be holding our outside service this weekend. 

As planned, we will continue to post worship services online and will be connecting with you LIVE on Facebook - Saturday at 5PM and Sunday at 9AM.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Know that you are loved!

April 3 Update - Palm & Easter Details

BLESSINGS from North Collins Wesleyan!   We hope this update finds you well!  If you are in need of support, please reach out.  Know that we are praying for you and love you!

We wanted to share some details about this upcoming weekend and the following Easter week.  We hope that these connection opportunities are a blessing to you.  If you have questions, please reach out.  With the state of our current situation, all plans are subject to change, so check back here often!

Palm Sunday Weekend (4/4&5/20)

For this coming weekend, we will be continuing to offer services online.  Through YouTube, Facebook, and our Website, you will be able to find these service videos.  You can expect children's, youth, message only, and full worship service videos.  Again - we hope they are a blessing!  We will also be coming LIVE to you on Facebook throughout the weekend - Saturday a little after 5PM and Sunday a little after 9AM.   Look for those videos and meaningful moments of connection!

Easter Week (4/8-12/20)

During Easter Week, we are offing quite a few meaningful moments of connection.  We will again offer something fun on Wednesday Evening around 6PM on Facebook LIVE.  Expect Pastors Justin & Jacob to offering a Top 10 List to hopefully brighten your week!

On Holy Thursday (4/9), we will be releasing a video through our YouTube page (with links on Facebook and on the Webpage) that will be focusing on Communion and the events around the Last Supper. 

On Good Friday (4/10) around 11AM, we will be offering a special time of remembrance, scripture, and prayer on Facebook LIVE.  We encourage you to use these moments with some quiet time of your own and to recognize the sacrifice that Jesus has made for you.  


For Easter Weekend, we will be again offering our regular line-up of service and connection videos for all ages through our YouTube page.  

We want to say a big THANK YOU to those who continue to support individuals in need, our greater community, and the church at this time.  We have been incredibly blessed by the spirit of our congregation and by your continual giving!  WOW!  You are a blessing!  

Remember - reach out to us if you have any questions.  You are not alone!  You are loved!

March 31 UPdate

Hey NC Wesleyan Community! 

We know that through this time of distancing ourselves, connection is of utmost importance! This is why we are making every effort to offer ways to connect! The response to our Weekend Worship/Message/Connection and Facebook LIVE videos have been fantastic! Thank you for tuning in and sharing with one another! We will continue to increase the quality of these videos and time together!

Remember - connecting with God is the most important! See our Facebook LIVE Video from Sunday morning for thoughts about this. For those who use our scripture reading plan, we have the schedule for APRIL/MAY printed and at the church. You can stop in and pick a copy up (Office hours, Tuesday to Friday, 9AM to 3PM). They are also included here as a picture.

Being able to personally connect for prayer and growth is heavy upon our minds. We encourage you to connect with others! Pastor Justin will be hosting a small group connection time through ZOOM Video Meetings on Wednesdays at 2:00PM. Message or email us if you are interested in joining (we will need your email address). If these meetings are popular we will host more. For our Sunday school and small group leaders, this will be an option for them to use!

Please connect with us if you have any questions about upcoming details. We will post about Palm and Easter Weekend details soon! There will be many more ways to connect. Pastors Justin and Jacob will be coming LIVE on Facebook tomorrow at 6PM! 

Know that you are loved!

MArch 27 Update

For the weekend of March 28/29, we will again be hosting online worship services only.  You can connect with the videos of those services here on our website, through YouTube, or on our Facebook Page.  There will again be multiple videos:  Youth, Children's, Service (including greetings, prayer, worship, and message), and the Message Only.  

If you have a need or a question - please reach out to us!  Email us HERE, or call the church - 716.337.3219.

March 21 Update

We remind you that there are no worship services being held at our campus this weekend.  

BUT!  You can join us for worship online!  These worship videos are being posted on YouTube, Facebook, and here on our web page.  To see them just click HERE!

This weekend, there is a video that includes worship, prayer, and a message.  There is a children's video as well as a youth video.  ENJOY!  

And as always, if you need help, please reach out!  We are praying for you and love you.  

March 19 Update

Our church community is assisting in making a care package for a North Collins family quarantined due to Covid-19.  If you would like to contribute, donations can be dropped off at the church during office hours and when the sanctuary is open during the weekend (Tuesday-Friday 9AM to 3PM, Saturday 5PM to 6:30PM, Sunday 8:30AM to 11:30AM).  

Some simple ideas are gift cards for delivery services, gift cards for much needed FUN for the family after the quarantine, arts and craft supplies, books, activity books, board games, card games, etc.  

This is a great chance for our church to be The Church!  Let's rally around one another in love and support! 

March 18 Update

Hello North Collins Wesleyan Community!  We want you to know that we are praying for you!  Covid-19 has brought all of us into an unprecedented situation.  We are all stepping into the unknown.  Fear of the unknown is often the greatest of all fears, please don't let it control you!  Our God is GREATER!  Nothing is unknown to Him; there is nothing He isn't prepared for.  Our FAITH is greater than our fear.  Stay strong in your faith, take a deep breathe, and offer grace to our world in this moment of need.  

In John 16:33, Jesus said, "I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world."

Here are some updates about our ministries and services over the next few weeks:

1.  Seeking to follow the most recent guidelines of social distancing set by many of our government agencies, we are canceling/postponing all activities and services at the church for at least the next two weeks.  Listed at the bottom are all the events impacted.  For the weekends of March 21/22 and March 28/29, worship services and videos for children will be posted online each Saturday by 5PM.  These will be posted through YouTube and can be found on our Facebook Page, Website, and also sent via email & text message upon request.  We don't know how long these steps will need to be taken, but we will continue to offer online services as long as needed.  For the weekends of Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday, we are working on holding drive-in, radio, worship services.  This will be weather permitting.  

2.  Know that we are here for you!  To keep up contact and connection, and to further build a stream of encouragement, we will be often connecting LIVE on Facebook.  You can expect regular moments of greeting and prayer on Wednesdays at 6PM, Saturdays at 5PM, and Sundays at 9AM (plus other random moments of connection).  

3.  Our office remains open - Tuesdays to Fridays from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.  The sanctuary is open and heated during this time.  Feel free to stop in for prayer.  The church sanctuary will also be open on Saturdays from 5:00PM to 6:30PM and Sundays from 8:30AM to 11:30AM.   No services will be held during these times, but those seeking a place to pray will find an environment to do so.  We will continue to clean and sanitize the church following the precautions stated in previous posts.  

Upcoming Events Cancelled/Postponed:

Weekend Worship - 3/21&22, 3/28&29

Power-Up Kids - 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8

Youth Group - 3/20, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10

Paint Work Night - 3/19

Taco Night - 3/21

Soup & App Night - 3/29

Good Friday Service - 4/10

Know that you are loved and you have a source of support in North Collins Wesleyan.  If you know of an individual or family in need, please reach out!  We will be putting together some basic care packages to hand out to those in need.  

March 13 Update

1.  Weekend services for March 14/15 will be held as scheduled.  Anyone concerned or under the weather can/should use their discretion to stay home.

2.  Please refrain from shaking hands or hugging when arriving to service and during the 'Moments of Friendship' time in service.  Greeting one another with smiles and waves can help minimize the risk.  

3.  In preparation for the services, during and after there will be staff wiping down entry areas, surfaces, and restrooms.  Please wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitizer provided throughout the church.  Restrooms have also been supplied with Clorox Wipes.  

For those who choose to remain at home, we encourage you to join the FACEBOOK Live Message on Sundays at 11:20/30AM.  These messages go live the moment they are happening in service.  Join us on FACEBOOK at - you do not need to have a Facebook account to watch the services.  

Our response to Covid-19 is one of faith and not fear.  Furthermore, our prayer is that we will all remember God is in control!  As we continue in the message series "Who is in front of you?", this is a great reminder to offer love and care to one another.  

Remember that you have a church family that is here to support you.  You can connect with us on Facebook, by email -, or call - 716.337.3219.