Opportunities To Serve

Serving is one of the best ways to connect with others, grow in your spiritual walk, and give back.  We know the incredible importance for all of us to be able to serve!  If you are looking to serve, below are areas where you can serve and the leaders for each of these areas of ministry.  They would love to answer any questions you have and connect you with an opportunity to serve!  

  • Buildings & Grounds Maintenance

    Greg Funch

    Greg has been attending North Collins Wesleyan Church for over 10 years.  He is a married father of 2 adult children.  Greg greatly enjoy serving as a Trustee and helping in various ministries.  If you're looking to serve in areas of building and grounds care and maintenance - connect with Greg


  • Care & VISITATION Ministry

    Sandy Morton

    Sandy has been a loving member of North Collins Wesleyan since her teenager years. She knows the church and community very well.  For years, Sandy has led a team of individuals in giving prayer, care,  and visitation to those who are sick or in need.  She finds it a true blessing to serve, you can reach out to Sandy at (716)863-9920.

  • Children's Ministry

    Megan Cook

    Megan is a devoted wife, mother, and educator who believes children are the heart of the future. She is dedicated to fostering a love for Jesus Christ in our children and providing fun, spiritual events for families!  Reach out to Megan by email here!

  • Greeting & Ushers Ministry

    Bill FEltz

    Bill has been a dedicated leader at North Collins Wesleyan for many years.  He is involved in many areas of the church, but serves are our lead usher/greeter.  Bill has a very welcoming presence and is always an uplifting voice of encouragement.  Are you interested in joining our greeting and ushering ministry team?  Connect with Bill here!

  • Nursery & Sound/Video Tech

    Danielle Coventry

    Danielle has been attending NCWC since 2007.  She has experienced the benefit of members of this church rallying around her and helping her to grow in her Christian walk. It is always exciting to meet new families, I love the opportunities to connect and welcome others into our church family!  If you are interested in ways to serve in our church nursery or worship tech ministry, please connect with Danielle!

  • Worship Arts

    Aaron Coventry

    Aaron has been leading our worship ministry since 2017 and has created an atmosphere of encouragement and care within our worship team.  He is a lot of fun to be around - you'll find him to be very approachable!  Aaron has a lot of experience in playing live music and working in bands, please connect with him if you're interested in serving in our worship team.  Reach Aaron by email here.

  • Youth Ministry

    Joe Cook

    Joe began working with our youth ministry as a volunteer in 2014. In 2016 he felt the call into ministry and began his studies at Houghton College. He is passionate about growing in his journey with the Lord and leading our teens to a deeper relationship with Him.  You can reach Joe by email here.